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"Can I ask you something"…

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    Have you tried methods which didn't work too well?
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    Do you sometime's get anxious for no reason?
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    Are you afraid of missing opportunities because of nerves?
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    Are you living with the dread of growing old and still struggling?

Things you need to know and more.
You probably never realised 'Anxieties' had been holding you back.
Did you know Fears even little ones can cause
Many people assume they were born that way - wrong.

Maybe these questions crop up day after day.
Why don't I have enough money?
Why do I get down in the dumps for no reason?
Why am I stuck in this dead end job?

Why can't I find the right partner?

All of us have some anxieties.  It is nomal to have a few 'nerves' from time to time.

Pills,potions, booze or pot only ever give short term relief.
I wanted a better life and assume the same is for you.
'Blending' does work, I used it and life became better as each new day opened up. 

How It all Works... 

Anxiety is a state of being fearful of something going wrong in the future.. Rational thinking and common sense disappear. Meeting someone new, driving to an unknown destination, concerned you may not have sufficient money, the list needing changing is very long .

"Anxiety is future based, all you know is 'I'm panic-stricken right now..."

It is the inputs when young what determines how we think as adults.  These can be easily changed.

You will be amazed what greater achievements could be yours once those 'gremlins' have gone.

As a child I grew up with no self-worth. In the book it says how the same ‘blending’ methods were used to help me recover. Feeling much empowered a mission of mine is to help as many as possible to have lives much improved.

If your 'anxieties' are not dealt with soon, they will remain, possibly leading to worse ailments.  A solution is now available.

UP-DATE  A recent discovery is where a person struggling with Weight Loss after completing the steps started to reduce their weight. Anxieties had been a root cause of over-eating.  Feeling more calm they abandoned many 'snacks' and though not sold as a weight loss aid, positive surprises are always welcome.

I was OK
Then got really anxious when the Bank Crash arrived.  We will manage I thought. Then things got really bad, my business took a nose dive, five sales people lost their jobs, and the debts piled up.
Made to feel utterly powerless, big brother was controlling my life, or so it felt. There were times I couldn't breathe properly with the mounting stress.
Every failure button I possessed got pressed.

A decision was made, find a solution to my anxiety no matter what.  I had no idea the shakes and sickly stomach was caused by anxiety attacks. Day after day the 'shakes' persisted.  Everyone else manages, why not me I kept asking but no answers came, then I had a light bulb moment.  To date it had been easy to help others but could I help myself?  
Experimenting for months finally the 'eureka' moment came and 'BLENDING' was born!  The method was fine tuned and within an incredibly short time was beginning to feel myself once more. Feeling so much better 'permanently,' My wish is for you to have this same good feeling.  Like you most likely, a lot of money had been wasted on idle promises.  
Vitamins had helped a little but the real breakthrough came when realising it was all in my head and all needed to be done was to find the way to think a little different.
Everything you need is contained within the pages, written down for you (plus a couple of extra's) the exact same way my life was rebuilt.
My duty
A few weeks of patting my knees and confidence had returned, the shakes were gone, replaced with a calmness. Friends could see before me how much more efficient I was.  Others need to know I exclaimed, this can't be kept secret, other people should be able to have better lives .  
I want you to be able to get this now, and start feeling better straight away.

What You Need To Know

  • On page 7 you'll learn how to quickly lift your spirits.
  • ​On page 11 discover not only will you help you but family members and friends can also feel good.
  • A truth, on page 25 the power of forgiveness and how it empowers you.

"What People Are Saying About My Helping Them"

(Being currently in practice, I cannot divulge personal details).


To David,
I came to to see you six weeks ago and was desperate to to give up smoking.

After the hypnotherapy session I came away very positive and determined.

I have also not had any desire to have a cigarette.

Thank you very much for what you've done.

I feel much healthier and am only benefiting from the decision to give up smoking. DB

Another smoker healthy once more.

“Dear David
Apologies , I know this thank you should have been sent before - very much overdue!

I do not miss my cigarettes at all”...

This person had a drink problem, anxieties and cigarettes. Now has a new life.

Thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that I passed with flying colours!

Thanks very much for all your help. J.C.

From a lady passing a driving test.

Dear David I can't begin to thank you enough for all that you've done for me (I know it's a team effort though!) 

I really feel I can move forward properly in life, in a healthy way and it feels great.

Also, I haven't wanted a cigarette at all - which also feels great. A

It helps knowing help is available.


Yes the guarantee will be honored.  If you are not satisfied with the product, you have thirty days from date of purchase to receive a refund.

However you must have the ability to understand yourself.  If your mind has the intention of 'giving it a go' expecting it to fail you will struggle.  Trusting you and giving yourself  a little time you will  help you win.

Some people change almost instantly, some take a little longer.  The majority of us begin to do things differently and it usually takes another person to notice and pass a compliment.  Repeat each process again and again, never give up.  I didn't, and for that reason this and other books got written.

Hang in there and keep believing you, 'are worth it'.

Costing less than three cups of coffee your new life can begin.  You have probably tried other methods yet still have the problem.  One 'click' and you can solve the problem and own the book.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:

It's Not Your Fault and Never Was.

Sincerely, you are in no way to blame.  From birth to age six we absorb just about everything.
Most people wish us well but others use harsh words which can stick in the mind.
Most people operate from instructions (good and bad) absorbed at a young age and follow what 'other people' wanted.

Your World Will Open Up

As the time spent having a quiet mind increases, in turn your mind opens up proportionally.
Stressful thinking blocks the mind.  Calm thinking opens the mind.
Be amazed when your whole world appears both brighter with a more cheerful oulook.

Memory Will Improve - An Added Bonus

Put simply, the unconscious mind contains all memories both good and not so good, it is a 'recall' we need.  We need to 'recall' the memory.
When under stress it becomes more difficult to access memories. When calm 'recalling' becomes much easier.

More People Will Befriend You

It is quite amazing how we sense people.  Notice your apprehension when listening to a 'stressed person.
When out of date negative memories are neutralised, we naturally feel at ease with most people.
This means more people will begin to like you .  

(Photoshopped image, no background. Nearly Perfect photo.)
“There can be no better feeling than to know a large number of people now have better lives.  To feel privileged is an understatement. My life from an 'iffy' childhood has opened up unbelievably.”
Better be a good NLP therapist than knowing how to work Photoshop.

  • Thirty Years Knowledge Set Out In An Easy To Follow Way.
  •   High in value yet low in cost.
  • At last, the book most needed is available.  Contains factual easy the follow steps.
  • Means finally, ANXIETY issues can be resolved.
  • Available now for a low, low cost investment.

About the Author: David Moran

Your author has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life. He has been in practice for thirty years plus.  Many people now live happier lives having had stressful memories made emotionally neutral.

When you have given yourself the opportunity to be calm much more of the time.  Doors will open. Shaking on the inside destroys peaceful thoughts. Once you have experienced a calm mind only then will the books real value be realized.  

​The information in this book is unique...  Which means, finally you have found something which really works...

  • Be Alive once again
  • You probably know what is wanted
  • Get back in control
  • Feel inner confidence rocket

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A number of other people not realising their actions are the cause of your anxieties.

A few days from the first 'Blending Change', your life will be improving.

can i do it, am i worth it, you may ask?


If you want to improve and believe it possible. DO IT!

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